LiveDevice v2

After quite a long break (moving countries and jobs!) we are finally making some progress with LiveDevice. I’ve just received and assembled the prototype for version 2. Things are looking good so far! Now to move on to the manufacturing of the wooden enclosures, and give the remote scripts a spruce up for Live 9. Please get in touch if you are interested in LiveDevice.

LiveDevice v2


  • I am interested in this device and would like to talk to you regarding max/msp and Push or similar device for Data Sonification and Visualization of Big Data Datasets

    Edward KeplerApril 24, 2014
  • cooo. that looks nice!

    aidanMay 16, 2014
  • Hi
    Just wondering if and when this will be available as a kit?
    Got an EightIO a while back and quite enjoyed the whole process..
    Would love to build one of these as well


    MaccizaNovember 26, 2014

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